“I am physically and emotionally improved thanks to Misty’s unique and individualized pilates lessons. I leave each session standing tall and strong, Misty has been able to work with my physical limitations in a way that is both caring and challenging.”

— Miss Pat



Misty Lynne Cauthen, Certified Master Trainer, Studio Owner Misty Lynne has been a Certified Pilates Instructor since 2001. Since discovering the benefits of Pilates, Misty has made it her mission to bring the healing, invigorating and uplifting effects of the Method to her clients and friends. Misty Lynne has spearheaded several Pilates programs around the Pittsburgh area, and has taught Pilates at several prestigious local institutions, including Point Park University’s internationally renowned department of dance and the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Misty was certified with the PhysicalMind Institute in 2000, and completed her Peak Pilates certification in 2006. In 2008, she became a Master Trainer for Balanced Body, the world’s largest and Pilates equipment manufacturer. Since then, Dragonfly Pilates has been a nationally recognized host site for the Balanced Body Education Teacher Training program. Misty Lynne was one of the first teachers of the Balanced Body Barre program. Misty Lynne has honed her skills by training around the country and around the world and has hosted Pilates retreats in Rome and central Italy, as well as the Italian Riviera and Paris, France. In 2014, Misty Lynne expanded her knowledge further by becoming a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor by Hole in One Pilates International(tm). This certification requires intimate knowledge of the biomechanics of the golf swing and golf conditioning so that Pilates principles can be applied as functional conditioning tools for golfers of all ages and levels.
Misty Lynne's core philosophy is simple: to ensure that people achieve the pinnacle of balance between body, mind, and motion -- and she brings her heart and soul to her every client in every session.
Rose discovered Pilates in 2005 after looking for an exercise program that wouldn't aggravate her pre-existing knee and shoulder injuries. After experiencing its rehabilitative benefits and its constant physical challenges, it soon became her exercise of choice. She became so enthralled with the method and its wide range of challenging exercises that she enrolled in the Balanced Body Teacher Training Program in 2011. Since completing her comprehensive certification, Rose has made it her mission to create sessions that are imaginative, accessible and challenging for clients of all ages and fitness levels.
Tracy came to Pilates looking for a new way to challenge her body, but it was the way Pilates taught her to manage her body’s challenges that drove her to pursue a career teaching the Method. Having suffered from chronic pain for years, Tracy found relief from her aches and pains during her initial lesson, and immediately wanted to learn more. Her dedication to her teacher training through the Balanced Body Education program has made her a compassionate and learned instructor, and her dedication to Dragonfly Pilates has made her an invaluable asset to the team.
Waking up in excruciating pain is a frightening thing--and it's what brought Susan to the Pilates Method. Susan discovered her gym workouts were exacerbating her scoliosis, a condition she didn't even know she had, and and was worried she'd have to give up fitness. After reading about the benefits of Pilates for the spine and alignment, she knew it was something she had to try. She immediately fell in love with the mindful movement, and after repairing her own spine, she decided to become an instructor so she could help others. Susan completed her Pilates certification with Peak Pilates in 2013, and she's been sharing the Method with others ever since. Susan received her certificate in Balanced Body Barre in 2015, and she's excited to teach Pilates-influenced barre!
Chelsie Russo discovered Pilates while searching for an alternative to surgery after a complicated second pregnancy. Chelsie shifted her focus from childcare, where she was a preschool teacher for 10 years, after falling in love with the Pilates Method, and dove into teacher training in 2015. She enjoys teaching others how to develop their bodies and is excited to share her love of the Method with clients at Dragonfly Pilates.


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