Dragonfly Pilates Apprentice and Mentor Program


Apprenticeship is a great way to learn the ins-and-outs of being a Pilates instructor in a safe and welcoming environment. Participants will work intimately with current instructors through observation and practice teaching of real clients. In addition, apprentices will engage in monthly training sessions (outside of the Balanced Body Education Modules) that will include anatomy, teaching techniques, and class structure and design. Also included is use of the equipment, mat classes, teaching feedback, and studio access.*


Requirements for completion

- up to 40% can be combined with Balanced Body Education requirements


     •     Observation – 40 hours (includes 20 hours class observation and 20 hours private sessions with clients                         (instructor approval required)

     •     Student Teaching – 160 hours

     •     Private Sessions with a Mentor – 10 Lessons

     •     1 written essay + 2 case studies (topics to be determined)

     •     Practical exam — to include demonstration of teaching skills and practical performance of Pilates repertoire


* Studio access to be given at a mutually agreed-upon time in the training cycle.


Fees for Program 

Private Sessions with Master Trainer (10 lessons) -- $650 (discounted rate)

50-minute sessions dedicated to the individual needs of the trainee. 


Observation Hours (50 hours) -- $50/month (unlimited observation)


Additional books/videos may be recommended or required.


We are now accepting applications to our Fall/Winter Apprenticeship cycle. Please click here for more information.