Waking up in excruciating pain is a frightening thing--and it's what brought Susan to the Pilates Method. Susan discovered her gym workouts were exacerbating her scoliosis, a condition she didn't even know she had, and and was worried she'd have to give up fitness. After reading about the benefits of Pilates for the spine and alignment, she knew it was something she had to try. She immediately fell in love with the mindful movement, and after repairing her own spine, she decided to become an instructor so she could help others. Susan completed her Pilates certification with Peak Pilates in 2013, and she's been sharing the Method with others ever since. Susan received her certificate in Balanced Body Barre in 2015, and she's excited to teach Pilates-influenced barre!

Susan instructs the following:
  • Beginner/Intermediate Mat
  • Pilates Matwork helps to re-pattern the body to its natural postural ideal, while also developing overall strength, flexibility and body awareness. This class is for both those new to Pilates and those fluent in the Method, with an understanding of the execution of each exercise. Instructor approval required.